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Event Management 101

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Event Management 101 - March 2022

Lets take your event scope and bring it to life!

The additional modules in our Event Management 101 course will teach you everything you need to know to deliver your event successfully, using tried and tested templates, methods and processes.

An additional 5 modules (each comprising of 5 lessons) will be delivered to your inbox over a 5 week period, where we will walk you through step by step the core elements required to planning and delivering your event.
You will be provided with further worksheets to guide your thinking and develop your plan along with key event templates to be utilised throughout both the planning and delivery phases.

The great news is you can use this new found knowledge and these templates time and time again!


Starting date

March 7th

End date



5 weeks 
25 Days

What's included?

  • 5 Modules
  • 25 Daily video lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Key Event Templates
  • 25 years combined of knowledge and experience

Become an Event Manager 

You will learn how to develop, plan and deliver your very own events.
Use key templates to support you in all areas: marketing, audience, budgets, health & safety, income and much more!

Up Skill Yourself Or Your Team

This is an opportunity to gain life time skills and strategies to scope out projects and events that can engage your audience and ultimately grow your organisations reach.
Meet the instructors

Charlotte & Natalie

PomPom is an Event and Marketing partnership that brings together the UK’s Charlotte Tollervey and New Zealand's own Natalie Rutene. PomPom create fresh initiatives for promoting and finding exposure in an ever evolving world of live events, digital media and communications.
With 25 years of experience across these sectors and an approachable demeanor, the PomPom team are ready to share their knowledge with the you! 
Natalie Rutene and Charlotte Tollervey 
Managing Partners at PomPom Learning
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