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Event Run Sheet

The foundation for a successful event is a detailed run sheet that provides a central point of truth, keeps you to task and ensures you don't miss a beat!
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What's included?

  • Video Lesson
  • Event Run Sheet Template
  • Screen Share Walk Through
  • Run Sheet Tips and Tricks

Up to date knowledge

Current event management knowledge. Shared from those working in the industry, to prepare you to succeed in the ever changing world of events.

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This Event Run Sheet template and lesson has been gifted to you free of charge from the PomPom Learning team.
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Meet the instructors

Charlotte & Natalie

PomPom is an Event and Marketing partnership that brings together the UK’s Charlotte Tollervey and New Zealand's own Natalie Rutene. PomPom create fresh initiatives for promoting and finding exposure in an ever evolving world of live events, digital media and communications.
With 25 years of experience across these sectors and an approachable demeanor, the PomPom team are ready to share their knowledge with the you! 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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